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Headlines Today is 24/01/2020
ROYAL RANDWICK MOUNTING YARD Matthew Howard [ More Items ]  
Gary Portelli (pictured) trains the unbeaten and highly talented 2YO - She Will Reign.

The 2 standout performances over the week end were by She Will Reign at Randwick in the Inglis Nursery where as a 2 year old she was backing up after a sizzling debut at Kembla 7 days earlier where she ran 0.01 off the track record. She again gave rivals no chance and it appears like Darby Racing have found themselves another Golden Slipper chance

Then up at Doomben Winning Rupert gave nothing else a chance when recording the 2nd fastest 1,200 metre time ever run at Doomben with only the great Takeover Target ever going quicker. That is 2 legs down in his quest to claim the $500,000 Summer Crown Bonus with a win in either of Group 3 Vo Rogue Plate on New Year’s Eve or the Magic Millions Guineas securing the bonus. On his past 2 performances it is hard seeing anything beating him in either race.

An honorable mention goes to Ben Melham for heading up to Randwick and riding 3 winners from his regular Melbourne base. I can’t see him giving up the ride on She Will Reign anytime soon.

Below is Matthew Howard’s weekly just racing mounting yard live report which you can also read live Matthew’s thoughts on his Facebook page each Saturday:

Royal Randwick: Australian Turf Club Saturday 17, December 2016


1.   ISTANBUL – not relaxed or focused today. Doing quite a few things wrong. (11th)

2.   TIGER BY THE TALE – needs a firmer surface. (5th)

3.   ABSOLUTE RIPPER - scratched

4.   DENY ALLCHARGES – parades in good order today. Can run cheeky race at odds. (2nd)

5.   FREE STANDING – think this horse looks great today. Conditions suit. (1st)

6.   MR BONJOVE – led by the clerk of the course, not settled. (6th)

7.   YOURS MINE OURS – looks fit and coat is in good order however think its needs firmer footing. (12th)

8.   TRADES HALL – Bit dull in the coat today. (10th)

9.   LEMMING - scratched

10. ZUZZUDIO – scratched

11. EPINICIAN – very lightly framed. No. (9th)

12. BALAMETALICA – Looks in good order but a bit stiff in the yard. (8th)

13. ZA I’M YOUTHFUL – Needs a couple runs. (4th)

14. DON’T DOUBT HER - Very fit, parades in good order today. (7th)

15. ISLA TRISTANA – Hard to fault, moving perfectly. Nice horse. (3rd)




1.   MOHER – Questions over whether he can run a strong mile but he presents very well in the yard today. (1st)

2.   LOYALTY MAN – Scratched

3.   JUST A BLUR – horse is in good order but you can’t back this horse on anything except a good track. (8th)

4.   LUCKY PADDY - Scratched

5.   REDOUTABLE HEART – Finally looks fit today. Expect to run well. (3rd)

6.   METALLOC CROWN – Awful today, doing many things wrong. (6th)

7.   UN DE SCEAUX – Scratched

8.   COL ‘N’ LIL – gets conditions that should suit better today. Prefer this horse on wet. (4th)

9.   RUSTIC MELODY – Scratched

10. UNBIASED – Paraded better last start than today. (5th)

11. FINAL DECISION – Worst I’ve seen this horse parade, (9th)

12. MANHATTAN SON – Getting warm in the yard. No good. (7th)

13. MORE THAN FABULOUS – Like this horse and like this horse with a bit of give in the ground but does display one small negative I haven’t seen on the horse before. (2nd)


Race 3 - 1:55PM INGLIS NURSERY (1000 METRES)


1.   VINLAND – Good in the coat, nice enough type. Should race well. (6th)

2.   CALLIGRAPHER – needs to learn some manners, very unsettled. (9th)

3.   DIAMOND TATHAGATA – Long striding compact colt, would prefer to follow on firmer surface. (2nd)

4.   DUNATUN – getting hot and coat hasn’t come through yet. (10th)

5.   EURO GOLD – Already looking for further and getting warm late in the yard. (11th)

6.   SERENA BAY – very fit and focused. No issues. (4th)

7.   Sebring express – Not moving as well as I would like. (5th)

8.   SHE WILL REIGN – Will win. She’s better than these. (1st)

9.   SHEIKHA – Parades ok without being flash. (8th)

10. PRICING POWER – strong hind on her, think she could run a cheeky race at massive odds. (7th)

11.  AFRICAN RAINBOW –Not focused enough for my liking. (3rd)

12.  SHUDABEEN – Scratched

13.  NORAH GIRL – On the toe and others parading much better. (12th)


Race 4 - 2:30PM SEGENHOE CUP (1200 METRES)


1.   PRESS REPORT – In good order today and walking better than last start. Tough draw. (10th)

2.   SONG AND LAUGHTER – Not fit and getting agitated in the mounting yard. (3rd)

3.   HIJACK HUSSY – scratched

4.   IMPOSING LASS (NZ) nice horse that has returned in great order. Expecting a good campaign from this horse. (6th)

5.   HETTY HEIGHTS – Looks great, no issues. Looks like it should relish conditions. (4th)

6.   BUTTERBOOM – Will improve with this run under its belt. Half a run short. (2nd)

7.   MADOTTI – Scratched

8.   UPSCALE – not warm today like last start. Should run well. (9th)

9.   YUMA DESERT – getting all hot and bothered which is unusual for this horse. (5th)

10.  MAGIC ALIBI - scratched

11.  QUEEN ON WANDS – Fat and hot. Nope. (8th)

12.  TREE OF JESSE – Has improved 3 lengths between runs. Expecting better performance today. (12th)

13.  PIENKNA – Late scratching

14.  WAY TO GOOD – Need this run. Will improve from this and prefer on track a little drier. (11th)

15.  KINSHACHI – Walks great but is getting a tad warm late in the yard. (1st)

16.  MADAME GISELLE – looks outclassed here today. Prefer in something easier. (7th)





1.   INDEX LINKED – Parades ok today, not flash though. (9th)

2.   BEYOND THANKFUL – continues to get quite warm in the yard. Not for me. (6th)

3.   DESTOINY’S KISS – good in the coat and moving well. (1st)

4.   LORD VAN PERCY (GB) – Scratched

5.   IGGI POP – gee the old boy continues to parade well this preparation but would prefer him on a drier track. (2nd)

6.   DANJEU – No major knocks from the mounting yard. Good for him. (3rd)

7.   SOVIET COURAGFE – Brighter in the coat today. Moving well and is relaxed and focused. No issues. (5th)

8.   NOT A GYPSY – doing a few things wrong today that I haven’t seen before. (11th)

9.   POP ‘N’ SCOTCH – not suited with track conditions today. Not a wet track type. (8th)

10. MY PSYCIATRIST – This but step up in grade but horse is rock hard fit. No knocks. (4th)

11.  DER MEISTER – Again in good order. (7th)

12.  SPANISH STRIDE – A horse I know well. Classic wet track type, moves well however I’ve seen this horse much brighter in the coat prior. (10th)



Race 6 - 3:40PM INGLIS SPRINT (1100 METRES)


1.   FLASH FIBIAN – Shown great improvement between runs in his coat. Despite no wet form think he will run well. (8th)

2.   SAMADOUBT – Parades well today. Not getting warm like many others are. (9th)

3.   AKASAKI – Tall lanky gelding. Very fit but looks outclassed here. (10th)

4.   TORNADIC – In good order, moves well around the yard. (7th)

5.   CALANDA - Lovely horse, moves perfectly and has stripped fitter since the last time I saw him. (1st)

6.   MAGNETAR – think this horse would be better on firmer surface. (5th)

7.   MANUEL – Really caught my eye when I first saw him then he started to get warm late. (3rd)

8.   PITTSBURGH – scratched

9.   TIME OUT OF MIND - Nice put together colt this. Great in the coat getting little warm late but it is warm here. (11th)

10. TWIST TOPS – Not as hot as she can get but is still little dull in the coat. (4th)

11.  SUPER TOO – Late scratching

12.  MISS AMAJARDAN – scratched

13.  GENETEAU – Nice filly, I’ve got others parading better than her but she is in reasonably good order. (2nd)

14.  TOO FAST FOR LOVE – Very dull in the coat and displays key negatives. No. (12th)

15.  MISS DEBUTANTE – Tad warm and displays 2 key negatives. (6th)

16.  SNOWBOOK – Scratched

17.  CHAVO – Scratched

18.  MOLLYFIED – scratched

19.  BRIDYN MAY – wet track type but looks outclassed here. (13th)

20.  DON’T DOUBT HER – scratched




1.   DIBAYANI (IRE) – Tad warm but he can do that, otherwise he is in good order. (2nd)

2.   AMOVATIO – Have time for this horse but couldn’t back it unless on a good track. (6th)

3.   HOFFGARTEN - Very fit and relaxed, coat in good order. Prefer to see this horse on slightly firmer footing. (5th)

4.   RED EXCITEMENT – scratched

5.   MALICE – scratched

6.   RUDY – Seen this horse parade better, not moving as well as I would like to see. (7th)

7.   FABRIZIO – the easiest lay of the day based on the yard. Falling to pieces today. Yuck! (14th)

8.   PAJARO – looks trained to the minute for this. Cannot fault horse’s appearance. (12th)

9.   CENTRE PIVOT – In good physical order however not 100% focused today which is unusual for it. (4th)

10.  BIG MEMORY – Normally needs a run or two however this horse has had enough work put into it. Also, looks great in the coat. (13th)

11.  HAZZABEEL – Playing up in the yard today. (8th)

12.  KENJORWOOD – Scratched

13.  SARRASIN (GB) – very worked up and agitated. (3rd)

14.  SENSE OF OCCASION – one of my favourite wet trackers but track upgrades today working against it. (1st)

15.  HIGH MIDNIGHT – Lot of time for this horse but he is parading quite plain today. (11th)

16.  BERRY DELICIOUS – Others parading better than this horse. No. (10th)

17.  LOYALTY MAN – scratched

18.  DUCA VALENTINOIS – Best this horse has ever looked. Coat looks picture perfect. (9th)





1.   BIG MONEY – Scratched

2.   SHIRAZ – moving perfectly today. Expecting a much improved run today. (5th)

3.   KURO – Better suited on drier but he is parading very well today. (7th)

4.   THAT’S A GOOD IDEA: Scratched

5.   BOSS LANE – scratched

6.   THE MONSTAR – Not focused at all in the mounting yard. (1st)

7.   BROOK ROAD – Again presents well which is typical of this horse. (6th)

8.   INZ/N/OUT – No Good today. Getting quite warm which is unusual for this horse. (8th)

9.   I AM ZELADY – scratched

10. SIRBIBLE – Warm and being led by two handlers, no. (2nd)

11. HIS MAJESTY – Again super relaxed in the yard and moving perfectly. (3rd)

12. GRUNDERZEIT – scratched

13. ONEROUS – A really good mover in the yard but does display 2 key negatives I don’t like. (4th)

14.  WEATHERLY – Scratched




1.   BREWERY – scratched

2.   SIR PLUSH (NZ) – scratched

3.   CARELESS – Should get through conditions, looks ok. (2nd)

4.   SABINO SPEED – In good physical order however a little warm. (1st)

5.   DARK STEEL – Scratched

6.   EMINENT DUKE – this horse always parades well and again today looks well. (5th)

7.   INVINCIBLE KNIGHT – scratched

8.   QUICK DEFENCE (USA) –needs to eat a meal. Very light. (9th)

9.   SONIC SWISH – Scratched

10. ASINARA – scratched

11. REALISE POTENTIAL – not a wet track type, will struggle. (6th)

12. SNITZEL KNIGHT – very warm in the yard today. No. (4th)

13. ZAUNKONIG – Very good order today. Nice horse, should run well. (3rd)

14. CHESTNUT ROAD – Scratched

15. TURFANE – Not a wet track type, will struggle. (8th)

16. COLOSSEUM KING – In good order today. Relaxed and moving well. (7th)

17. RED EXTENSION (EMERG) – Quite stiff in the yard, nope. (10th)

18. KNOW HOW (EMERG) – scratched

19. HETTY HEIGHTS (EMERG) - Scratched


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