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Headlines Today is 24/01/2020
This is a Justracing file photo of the kickback at Eagle Farm when the track re-opened in June this year. There were still issues on the track last Saturday as most jockeys won't go near the fence in the home straight.

Firstly apologies for no story being posted yesterday but we had some unforeseen issues which prevented it from happening. Track bias raised it’s ugly head in 2 of the 3 major metropolitan meetings on Saturday with the inside portion of the newly laid inside track still being a complete no go zone. The issues with the Eagle Farm track were raised on this site by Phil Purser prior to the running of the Stradbroke Handicap meeting on the 9th of June on this website. Well we are now a further 5 months down the track and in yesterday’s Brisbane paper, The Courier Mail had Jim Byrne suggesting the inside section of the track felt soft underfoot even though the official ratings suggest there was no difference whatsoever between inside and the middle where the winners are consistently winning? It has also been suggested that the inside section hadn’t bedded down properly and on race day riders simply won’t go there and that they should be letting horses work or trial on the inside of the course proper to help with the process of bedding it down.

Then down in Victoria at the Ballarat Cup standalone meeting you had to race on the speed or lead to have any chance to feature in the finish which is becoming the norm at this meeting. Ballarat have the opportunity at this meeting yearly to showcase their track and it simply isn’t good enough to keep serving up tracks with such racing patterns. This was no more evident than in the feature race, the Ballarat Cup when perennial money muncher Pilote Dessai had a change of riding tactics by racing in the lead and never looking in danger winning by 2 lengths at an SP of $16 after not getting hot starting favourite or 2nd favourite in 4 of his last 5 starts ridden more conservatively.

Fortunately Rosehill didn’t have the same issues and horses could win by leading or racing of the speed, it was possibly better a few of the fence but at least all horse were afforded the opportunity to perform at their best.

Below is Matthew Howard’s weekly just racing mounting yard live report which you can also read live Matthew’s thoughts on his Facebook page each Saturday:

Rosehill Gardens: Saturday 19, November 2016

Rail Position: +6m Entire Circuit
Track Condition: Good 3


1. FLASH FIBIAN – Quite fit despite 35 days between runs. Walking well, coat a little dull.

2.   PALLADIAN – needs dry, big tracks and plenty of room as he’s a big boy. Couple small behavior negatives

3.   GIBRALTAR GIRL – lovely filly. Those that think she’s just a Canterbury horse think again. Firm, big tracks suit her. Moves beautifully. Expecting bold run here

4.   LUBITON – rock hard fit and the best it’s paraded this preparation.

5.   PHUKET – Cracking type. Geez he’s a nice horse. Follow

6.   BALTIC WHISPER – Compact gelding doing a few things wrong in the mounting yard. Not for me.

7.   MEGA MALL – nice enough filly that on appearance should get better over further.



1.   RUSTIC MELODY – Has the Kris Lees polish, great in the coat. Not moving as well as I’ve seen

2.   BLENDWELL – Moving well around the yard but displaying some negatives and is getting warmer each lap

3.   COTTAGE – Good in the coat and fitness spot on but getting a tad warm

4.   GIRL SUNDAY – she looks like a bull. Strongest horse in the race. She will run top 3 for sure.

5.   MARAAM – sharp improvement between runs. Moves perfectly around the mounting yard. No knocks

6.   FIREBIRD FLYER (NZ) – Displays negatives, fitness 80%. Will improve

7.   DIXIE CHICK – Mounting yard judges just put a line through here when she parades. Too much nervous energy released prior to the race

8.   ZELDA – not fit, no

9.   DAGNY (NZ) – very fit despite 24 days between runs, 1400 looks ideal for her. Expecting a solid run here

10. AIR APPARENT – has improved 3 lengths between runs and moving exceptionally well today. Looks genuine top 3 chance despite big drift here.




1.   THELITTLERACKETEER – Should win, parades like a Saturday horse. Better than these Highway runners.

2.   MADAM FRAN – fit but not focused

3.   PELERIN - Scratched

4.   SNAPPY ONE – looks a wet track type and displaying many negatives. No

5.   SOMEBODY – nice horse but not focused in the yard. Getting warm now. Good lay

6.   AKASAKI – not walking well today

7.   BRAT ATTACK – Warm, no

8.   TOUCH SENSITIVE – Looks good. No knocks

9.   HESCO GOLD – moving well but has improvement in the coat

10. OAKFIELD TIME – Parades in good order. Expect good run.

11. POMME PETITE – lightly framed thing, looks outclassed

12. RHOMLO - Scratched

13. YOURS MINE OURS – parades fairly but others parading better

14.  CAN’T SKATE (EMERG) – no no no no. Nope



1.   HERNE’S OAK – holding condition. Had shown sharp improvement last start in the mounting yard. Hasn’t improved but hasn’t gone backwards.

2.   MR STEAL (NZ) – Not focused

3.   DOUBLE BLUFF (IRE) – Quite patchy and warm

4.   ESCHIELE – Biggest improver in the mounting yard. Parades best this preparation

5.   MONTAUK – looks terrible

6.   THE BULL – First lap looked great then steadily went to pieces. Cannot back

7.   MULTIFACETS (NZ) – Very fit but right at the top of its game. No improvement to come

8.   NOT A GYPSY – strongest horse in the race. 28 days between but looked good off the freshen up. Firm tracks suit him

9.   DIAMOND MADE – Outclassed here. No good

10. BE LIKE DAD – Worst I’ve seen this horse parade. Normally parades in good fashion but not today

11.  LAST TRY WINS – Quite dappled in the coat but looks like it needs a bit of give in the ground

12.  AVROSON – Very much outclassed here. Others parade much better




1.   KURO (NZ) – Good improver between runs. Should run well

2.   INZ’N’OUT - Scratched

3.   SUPREME EFFORT – Bull of a horse. Great strength in his frame. Rail out doesn’t help him but hard to fault in the yard.

4.   WHISKY ALLROUND – Parades terribly today. Firing up in the yard, forget it is running

5.   FINE MIST - Scratched

6.   LE CORDON BLEU – nice horse. Rail out an issue but he’s a good horse. Great mover. Should run well.

7.   PAINTE – 3 lengths improvement between runs. Why are they taking him back today??

8.   ECHO GAL – Coat good, next start will be peak fitness

9.   PRESS REPORT – Great mover but is showing some behavior issues. Can improve off this run

10. PRINCEFAMOUS (NZ) – Coat and fitness ok but not the biggest horse and I have others parading better.




Race 6 - 3:40PM NOVEMBER TOPAZ (1900 METRES)


1.   INDEX LINKED (GB) – Not parading well today

2.   CLOSING BELL (USA) – Super in the coat shows a healthy horse but like many runners today is getting worked up in the yard.

3.   BEYOND THANKFUL (IRE) – Terrible.

4.   DESTINY’S KISS – This track is too firm for this horse

5.   MALICE – is the horse I want to back next start from this race. This should bring him on nicely. Still expecting a good run today

6.   MAGICOOL – this horse continues to parade pretty well but just doesn’t want to compete. No

7.   SLOW PACE (USA) – no good today, quite patchy

8.   HIPPOPUS (NZ) – Not focused in the yard. Mind is elsewhere. Time to retire

9.    IGGI POP (NZ) – Finally looks fit today however still improvement to come in coat has. Whatever it does today will bring it on to peak condition next start

10.  DANCE OF HEROES (GB) – expecting much better run today based on the mounting yard. In good order

11.  FALKENBERG – Fit and great mover but is displaying some pretty bad negative behaviors in the yard

12.  NEW TIPPERARY – At top of game here. No improvement to come fitness wise.



1.   NINTH LEGION – Big strong type, should be able to carry weight. He should be competitive. Walks with purpose and wearing the dappled coat.

2.   RED EXCITEMENT – Has gone backwards in the yard between runs, bundle of nervous energy today, getting quite warm. Couldn’t have today

3.   MARENOSTRO (NZ) – Parades as a horse that needs a bit of give in the ground. No

4.   PAJARO (NZ) – Has definitely had enough work put into prior to today. In the mix, good in the coat.

5.   RELIGIFY – Looks fantastic. Has become costly for punters but on the mounting yard today should win. Has a fitness edge on these and parades on top.

6.   DANCE ON STARS (NZ) – Still a couple runs short of where it needs to be in order to be competitive

7.   FOREIGN PRINCE (NZ) – Minimum 5 lengths off how I thought it would parade if not more and needs a bit of give in the ground. Expecting it to be gasping for breath on the home turn

8.   LUNAR RISE – Was quite dull in the coat last start despite winner. Looks better today. Don’t think it’s your classic wet track type either

9.   BERRY DELICIOUS – When this horse is ready to win she shows it in the mounting yard. No signs of that today. Quite light.

10. SEBRINA – scratched

11. DUCA VALENTINOIS - This horse is starting to parade like it might do something shortly. Nice and relaxed unlike many others today and looking particularly well in the coat. Only fault is its a little stiff walking.

12. GOLD AMBITION – Scratched




1.  METALLIC CROWN – Only 1 length improvement between runs but horse always parades pretty well

2.   LASSITUDE - Scratched

3.   COMMISSION – Better fitness wise today but coat still not bright

4.   MEINER FRECCIA (JPN) – Scratched

5.   QUICK DEFENCE (USA) – Actually don’t mind this horse but not today. Coat is good however but prefer bit more give in the ground

6.   SIR PLUSH (NZ) – In good order condition wise but not focusing in the mounting yard

7.   CHESTNUT ROAD – One run short

8.   MON PERE – Big overstep on this gelding. Think snitzels in general move well. Getting warmer each lap he takes

9.   NAT KING CU – Scratched

10.  UNBIASED – Scratched

11.  WELL HARDLY EVER – good in the skin, horse in good order and walking well. Should be competitive

12.  CHOICE WE HAD – haven’t seen more of a standout horse than this all day. Parades clearly on top. Very fit. Looks a moral.

13.  MORE THAN FABULOUS – has returned in good order and one I have time for. Needs more cut in the ground. Can follow over further in a couple of runs time.

14.  KANDINSKY – well in the market here but showing many negatives in the yard. With better manners next start can be competitive

15.  INTREPID WAY (NZ) – Reasonably fit but upside to come in coat. Not the worst

16.  MOST EXHALTED -   horse I have time for but parading well below his best. Lovely type, no manners today and has massive scope to improve off this. Follow if runs well

17.  MAGIC DALLAS (EMERG) - scratched


Race 9 - 5:40PM FUGEN HANDICAP (1200 METRES)


1.   OPEN BOOK – Scratched

2.   SABRONI SPEED – Doing many things wrong today, no

3.   CORSICA LAD – Very warm in the yard, patchy coat, nope

4.   DARK STEEL – Parades the best I’ve seen this horse. Coat is perfect, sharp improver

5.   ISORICH – I know this horse well and I know when it’s right. Sharp improvement between runs. Maybe only half a run short. Follow if competitive today.

6.   PERFECT DARE – Scratched

7.   COOLCRAFT – Strong horse, big tracks suit. Big overstep

8.   NEXT LEVEL – Looks 80% fit

9.   QUANTRILL – getting very warm today, no

10. SONIC SWISH – Walks perfectly, parades similar to last start but hasn’t come on a great deal

11.  DREAM LANE – Expecting a very good run from this mare. Geez she moves well today.

12. LYCIA – Small, wet track type. Not for me.

13. SALMANAZAR – Big boy, parades great. Nice and relaxed, no negatives

14. HEARTLINGS – 2 runs short of best

15. INTERSTELLAR (NZ) – scratched

16. IN THE VANGUARD – scratched

17. DIXIE CHICK - scratched

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